Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I went to the Fairview Inn today for a Carvery, with my mum, little sister and Grandma.

My mum and Grandma went for the Carvery, both me and my sister had a choice from the Children's menu. This was because I had a carvery at the weekend and too much veg is not good for me!

I had the cheeseburger, chips and beans, I ate it all up I found the portion size ok but I could have ate a little more. I really liked the food but if I had to be say a bad thing about the food, the cheeseburger was a little dry, and I had to put ketchup on the burger. There was no salad on plate, which is good for me as it means that my mum does not make me eat it.

The carvery looked really good, and there was a lot of veg to choose from it looked like the best carvery that I have been too. The Yorkshire puddings are my favourite and they were very big, and I would have the carvery next time I go.

My Grandma May said that the food was very nice, she had a bit of each meat, and some vegetables - 'it was very good value for money'.

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