Friday, 3 May 2013

The Sunday Times - School Dinners

The Sunday Times have launched a campaign to promote better school dinners. I have entered the competition and changed from packed lunches to school dinners for 3 days.

I used to be on school dinners when I was in Year One but changed to packed lunches because I did not really like the food, and my friends were on packed lunches. It was mainly boys on school dinners and I wanted to sit with the girls at lunchtime.

Day One:
You had a choice of Jacket potato, Fish or Meat pie with a second choice of Mash, boiled potatoes, peas or carrots. I had Meat pie, mash, peas and gravy.

The portion size was the right size, the meat pie was the best meat pie that I have ever eaten. The mash was gorgeous when I was on school dinners in Year One the mash was not as nice because it was too lumpy. The peas were unpleasant they were dry and I did not put any gravy on the peas. They were garden peas. The gravy was really tasty and blended in with the meat pie and the mash.

For dessert I had a biscuit which I really liked and was surprised that it was homemade I thought that they would buy them from the shop and pretend that it was homemade.

There is also a salad bar. I wanted to choose some healthy options so I had a small salad of lettuce, cucumber and cold pasta. The salad was nice and I ate all of the salad.

REVIEW: Day One 8/10. I preferred the school dinners to my usual packed lunch.

Day Two:
You had a choice of Chicken Curry and rice, or pasta in a tomato sauce, with a second choice of samosas or sweetcorn. I chose the Chicken Curry and rice.

The chicken curry and rice was an ok portion size but I would have liked more rice. The curry filled the whole plate and I love rice. It was very appetizing and I ate it all up, including all of the little bits in the curry when I would normally just pick out the chicken in a curry.

For dessert there was a choice of strawberry mousse, a yoghurt or a choice from the fruit basket. I chose the strawberry mousse and it was nicer than the strawberry mousse that my dad has bought for me before.

I had cucumber from the salad bar.

REVIEW: Day Two 6/10. I preferred my packed lunch to the school dinner.

Day Three:
You had a choice of a margherita pizza, samosas and chips for the second choice it was vegetables or beans. I ate pizza, chips and beans.

All the dinner was really delicious as it is everything that I like. The portion size was correct and I ate it all up.

For dessert you had a choice of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, or a yoghurt and something from the fruit bowl. I chose the ice cream, which was scrumptious.

REVIEW: Day Three 10/10. It was the best meal from the week, and I would definitely not have had my packed lunch today.

I have enjoyed the three days on school dinners two of my friends from class are on school dinners and I sat with them when I would not usually sit with them at lunchtime. It was good eating the nice food and I might start having school dinners in Winter, and when it is in Spring/ Summer I will have packed lunches. Most of my friends are on packed lunches and that is why I will stay on packed lunches, and not because I do not like the food.

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